What is Colorpoint?

Colorpoint is a project created by one web designer who is passionate about building products, and especially for the design community. The basic idea was to build a website, where the users could create, share, and choose beautiful color palettes, for their web, app applications, and their art. The colors of these palettes are eye-catching, they work well together and they are creating beautiful combinations. Equally important is that every color palette provides the basic information of the color theory of each color. At well as at the same time, it gives you the ability to easily copy the available options and color codes for your use. The Colorpoint provides beautiful color palettes and some free tools to use in your next design project.

First, you can use a collection of some free color tools. These tools are the color generator, color converter, the pattern generator, the color palette from image URL, color tints and shades. It also includes an old tool, which called flatuicolorpicker. All of these tools help you to generate your own color with their features. Also, they provide an easy way to copy the color codes and use them in your design project.

Above all, this project provides people with a wealth of user-created and shared beautiful color palettes, as well as free tools that make the creative process as simple as possible.

Is Colorpoint for you?

On the other hand, if you are any type of designer like a product, graphic, interior, user interface, artist.. or web developer, then the Colortools is suitable for you. Feel free and use the tools for your next design project and I believe that you will always find a proper color palette for your design needs. If you have the inspiration then you can create your own and share it with the community. In the end, you can use some other tools which are related to colors. I am sure that you will find them very useful.

Be inspired and share the Colortools.

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Who is the creator?

This product is built with a lot of passion and inspiration by Vasilis Baimas. Vasilis is a passionate and driven person who likes the design and front-end design. Also, he believes that it is important in giving back to the community with some useful tools like this.