Free tools for developers

Colors considered to be the most important factor of any kind of design, from the interior to graphic such as web design. The colors can convey a lot of messages, generate interest and create some emotions. It is therefore imperative for everyone to use these free color tools, from designers to artists and developers.

To help you generate the colors for your design, I’ve gathered a collection of free tools for designers. A curated collection of free tools and beautiful color palettes. This collection will help you to get those creative juices and do your job, better, more efficiently, flowing, and simply speed up the way you work. Also, on this collection, including a personal project, the flatuicolorpicker.

Feel free and you use them in your next design project.

Color generator

The color generator helps you to create your color or to get a random color. The color codes which display are in HEX and RGB.

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Color palette from img URL

Copy the image URL inside to the field and will be generated one dominant color with five total colors in RGB color format.

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Pattern generator

Use two main colors, customize your settings and create your own pattern to use in your next design project.

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Color tints and shades

Input as many colors as you want in the HEX color code and every one colors of them will be generated in tints and shades.

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Color converter

Get the generated color code from your main color, in RGB, HSL, HSV, float, HEX color code.

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CSS box shadow generator

This tool lets you construct CSS box-shadow effects, to add box shadow effects to your CSS objects.

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Color inspiration for flat design. The colors of this tool are available in RGB, HSL, HSV, HEX, CMYK, HEX, RGBA color code.

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