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Kickstarter Color Pallete submitted by user Vasilis Baimas. This color palette has total 4 colors and contains the following hex color codes : #FFFAF2, #ff5e59, #3249bf, #081430,

Below the table are the HEX, RGB, CMYK color codes and the basic information of each color of the palette. Feel free and copy every color value that you want.

Color Color Models
CMYK : (0, 2, 5, 0)
HSL : (0, 100%, 97%)
RGB : 255,250,242
CMYK : (0, 63, 65, 0)
HEX : #ff5e59
HSL : (0, 100%, 67%)
RGB : 255,94,89
CMYK : (74, 62, 0, 25)
HEX : #3249bf
HSL : (230, 99%, 47%)
RGB : 50,73,191
CMYK : (83, 58, 0, 81)
HEX : #081430
HSL : (222, 99%, 11%)
RGB : 8,20,48

The meaning of Kickstarter color pallete

Color Color Psychology Color Meanings in Business
Blue Blue is the color of the sea and sky. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes loyalty, trust, confidence, truth, wisdom, intelligence, faith, and heavens. You may use blue to promote services and products related to air, sky, and cleanliness. Also, you may use blue in your branding. This will help people associate the brand with a quality, reliable,, and safe product.
Brown Brown is the color of the earth. It is a warm color that stimulates the appetite. It's associated with dependability, security, resilience. It creates a feeling of sadness, isolation, loneliness. You may use it as a background that conveys warmth and wholesomeness. Brown is not used that often in logos. When it is, it tends to represent utility. It is often used by coffee and chocolate companies in their packaging.
Red Red, the color of fire and blood. It is an intense color. It is associated with meanings of passion, desire, sexuality, lust, danger, action, drama, joy, stress, radiance. Red is excellent in promoting energy drinks, games, cars, items related to sports and high physical activity. You may use this as an accent color to stimulate people to make quick decisions. It is often used to evoke erotic feelings.

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