Ultraviolet Color Pallete

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Ultraviolet Color Pallete submitted by user magdajohnson. This color palette has total 5 colors and contains the following hex color codes : #36151e, #593f62, #7b6d8d, #8499b1, #a5c4d4,

Above you can download the color palette in preview an image to .png format.

Below the table are the HEX, RGB, CMYK color codes and the basic information of each color of the palette. Feel free and copy every color value that you want.

Color Color Models
HEX : #36151e
RGB : 54,21,30
CMYK : (0, 61, 44, 79)
HEX : #593f62
RGB : 89,63,98
CMYK : (9, 36, 0, 62)
HEX : #7b6d8d
RGB : 123,109,141
CMYK : (13, 23, 0, 45)
HEX : #8499b1
RGB : 132,153,177
CMYK : (25, 14, 0, 31)
HEX : #a5c4d4
RGB : 165,196,212
CMYK : (22, 8, 0, 17)

The Color Psychology of Ultraviolet Color Pallete

Color What color means Uses of color

Blue : Blue is the color of sea and sky. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes loyality, trust, confidence, truth, wisdom, intelligence, faith and heavens.

Blue : You can use blue to promote services and products related to air, sky and cleanliness. If you can use it on your website, then you will help tell your visitors how to feel about the information being presented.


Pink : Pink is the color of sensitivity. The passion or red compined with the purity of white creates this color associated with love, feminity and tranquallity. It's represents friendship, affection, peace, harmony, and approachability.

Pink : The pink color is used in beauty and in derogatory fashion. Also is used to communicate playfulness, while light pink is used to communicate tenderness. Many products targeted toward a feminine audience use pink.


Purple : Purple color combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. It can symbolize mystery, magic, luxury, and power. It is associated with royalty, nobility, and prestige.

Purple : The purple color has a variety of effects on the mind and the body. It is used for interior decorations. This color can be included in any room of the house. It hs the color of spirituality and imagination.

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