The Top 5 Color Palettes of February

Vasilis Baimas

Here we have the collection of the top five beautiful color palettes of February. The color combinations of every color palette have a different style and includes different prospective of colors. Every one of this color palette is ideal for a specific design layout, art, with a unique style and look. Feel free and use them in your next design project! Thank you everyone for the contribution.


the featured of fitness color palette

Fitness color palette includes white color, mostly desaturated dark magenta, very dark desaturated magenta, soft red, and very soft yellow color.

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the featured of cosmo color palette

The Cosmo color palette includes white color, slightly desaturated cyan, very soft red, soft red and very dark desaturated blue color.

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the featured of bloom color palette

Bloom color palette includes very dark desaturated blue, light grayish orange, mostly desaturated dark yellow, dark grayish-blue, and mostly desaturated dark red color.

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the featured image of decor color palette

Decor color palette includes a very dark grayish blue, grayish-yellow, slightly desaturated red, mostly desaturated dark red, and slightly desaturated blue color.

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the featured image of closeup color palette

Close Up color palette includes very dark grayish blue, slightly desaturated red, slightly desaturated cyan – lime green, moderate blue and mostly desaturated dark pink color.

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