The Top 5 Color Palettes of July

The Top 5 Color Palettes of July


the featured image of trully color palette

Trully color palette includes a medium-light shade of yellow, a shade of orange, a medium-dark shade of red-orange, medium-dark shade of pink-red, and a dark shade of blue-magenta.

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the featured image of rimo color palette

Rimo color palette includes very soft red, vivid yellow and different shades of blue color.

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the featured image of iceberg color palette

Iceberg color palette includes a light grayish cyan, a grayish-blue, a slightly desaturated blue, a dark grayish-green and very dark lime green.

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Flavor of Leaves

the features image of flavor of leaves

The Flavor of Leaves color palette includes a very dark shade of blue, light, and dark different shades of green color.

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the feautured image of overall color palette

The Overall color palette includes a dark moderate blue, bright red, light orange, a strong cyan – lime green, and a very pale (mostly white) orange color.

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