The Top 5 Color Palettes of June

Vasilis Baimas

Below are the top five beautiful color palettes of June. The color combination mixes and comes together to create a unique style. You can use the color palette on every type of project and art. Thanks, everyone for the contribution.


the featured image of tulip color palette

The Tulip color palette includes soft orange, Bright orange, dark moderate orange, very dark desaturated orange, and very dark desaturated yellow.

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the featured image of alioha color palette

Alioha color palette includes a very light of gray , a dark blue, soft red a soft cyan and a dark moderate cyan color.

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the featured image of Tranquilord color palette

Tranquil Color Palette includes a light grayish cyan, very dark grayish blue, grayish blue, and shades of light grayish orange color.

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the featured image of lapse color palette

Lapse color palette includes a light grayish cyan, soft cyan, strong green, light red and very dark gray (mostly black) color.

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the featured image of foundry color palette

Foundry Color Palette includes a light grayish orange, very dark grayish orange, pure (or mostly pure) orange, and pale blue color.

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